Ivy Adara



Letting you all in on a little secret here: I DONT EVEN LIKE FESTIVALS. Buuuuuut, when Lady Gaga, Kendrick and Lorde were all in one line-up I kinda died and had to buy a ticket. and oml I actually ended up having the best time! I credit that to the insanely great music that was being performed and the company I kept in the crowd. Maybe next time i'll be on the stage and it will be even more incredible.. who knows.. hehe. CHELLA 17.

and we'll never be royals

so two of my closest friends here in LA and i were all SICK at the same time. we put on princess diaries, made some grilled cheese and layed on the couch together. not. even. sorry. love you aaron and chloe.

started from the bottom

went on a hike with some friends today. the view was AMAZING. it looks right over Hollywood. buuuut it was also super stanky (it literally stank) because it was a horse trail. So we spent half the time avoiding poo - half the time staring at the view..

he's got my back

was about to go out.. realised i forgot to iron my dress.. it's all good.. i have the best friends in the world.. who iron my dress for me after i already put it on cause i'm in a rush. THANKS LEIGH!

saint monica

so today i finally did some sight seeeeeeeing! i took myself to santa monica beach and just downed some fairy floss.. (there is no floss in this picture because I am a "not so low-key fatty" and already ate it) 

mels diner

oml this was my first time in AN ACTUAL DINER! it had a jute box, checkered floors, milkshakes with whipped cream and cherries, and the best burger I've ever had. i love the fifties so this was literally a dream. the only thing missing was John travolta, olivia newton-john and the pink ladies... *sigh

valentines day

okay, intimate ivy moment (i hate talking about my feelings but i love you guys so eh here goes)- this is the first Valentines day that I have ever truly been alone. every year my dad or big brother will buy me a fake rose and say something along the lines of "because our love for you will never die".. aren't they cute? this valentines day, i was in LA. so I went to a smashing party where they gave out beautifully coloured roses and I sat by a beautifully made fire. but just like the party, the rose eventually died. and i missed my family. wah.

nice to meet you la la land

so i've just arrived in LA and I can already smell the sweet aroma of some ridic writing sessions, in n out burger, and that old school hollywood sign. to say I'm psyched would be an understatement. lets see what this big city has to offer this very tiny girl..