Ivy Adara




someone said the other day "this industry is too hard for the music not to be meaningful". this industry IS hard. so damn hard sometimesss! but i wouldn't give it up for anything. and one of my biggest goals in pursing this industry is to keep substance in the music. if it makes you feel something - we're doing okay.


if my music ever stops doing that you have permission to slap me. thank u, love u x


ivy currency cover2-2.JPG

we're the new currency. out. in the world. today. this song is SO special to me. it stands for every part of who i am.

LOVVVVVVVVEE & let yourself be loved in return, it's harder than it sounds sometimes, but so worth it.

puppy love


meet jason derulo's dog. we wrote a song together, but mainly... his dog. amiright. 

been in the studio with such amazing people lately. counting my lucky stars, i'm surrounded by such beautiful & talented people. taking it in one day at a time.

domesti - fabrication


guys i did a grown up thing and COOOKED A MEAL WITHOUT BURNING IT. i can barely cook toast without burning it, i'm not kidding. like reaaaaaally not kidding.


had all my friends over, for a cute ass girls night & my mum was so proud. uh huh



okay wow. i'm officially a resident of california & on my VERYYY first day i met one of my writing idollllssss. I was DED on the floor.. i think i'm gunna like it here. (these are some of the beautiful people i work with over here! i love them to pieces).

leaving on a jet a plane


Don't know when i'll be back again... Today is the day that I leave my home town in Western Sydney with a one way ticket to California. SO crazy and weird and exciting and scary. Sometimes we just have to jump without knowing whats at the bottom, and if nothing else, ENJOY THE VIEW!!


Final Artwork.jpg

SO I JUST RELEASED MY FIRST EVER SONG INTO THE WORLD. it still doesn't feel real. if you're reading this, please GO & listen really closely to what the song is saying. it's not what you think ;)

despite what the chorus of this song, my dream is not to 'become famous' (as great as the gold cards and fast cars would be). my dream is to connect, challenge & inspire. ultimately to love through this music & share the light that is resounding in my heart.

everyone involved in this release was magical & i'm forever grateful.

home time


i'm coming home, i'm coming home, tell the world that i'm COMING HOMEEEE!! no surprise the first thing i did was smother my niece with kisses. hey sydney, i hope you didn't miss me too much 



soooooo that exciting thing i was talking about 'swinging into' is finally here!! today i signed this little piece of paper about 100 times & now i am officially a part of a company that make it possible for me to write songs for a living. going through high school i saw my friends one by one let go of their child hood dream but for some reason, i could never let go of mine. today my dream became a reality.

don't let go of your dream, it was put in your heart for a reason!!

ps. this is my "oooooh damn this is happening" face haha. AHH



i was so excited to go to my first dodgers baseball game, and then i got there and realised that they hit the ball so rarely that the whole crowd cheers when one person hits the ball! i finally bought one of those blue LA hats though.

don't let the fear of being kicked in the forehead, keep you from swinging


so i've never been great around swings. if you look close enough, there is a scar on my forehead from when I was younger & my older brother accidentally kicked me while he was swinging on a swing. i didn't get kicked in the forehead today, but i am about to swing into something major && i can't even tell you // can't wait to tell you how excited i am (insert multiple upside down smiley face emojis)



this is my, "lying on the concrete floor of my apartment in Pasadena at 3am trying to get a grip on all of the amazing things that are going on in my life right now" face. hahahaha ha haha ha ha hahaha ha, haaaaalp i am not coping with life right now (in the best way possible)

she's my uptown girl


so the music has finally been faced, the homesickness is settling in, and i'm just 'bout ready to buy an earlier ticket back to the AU. That's when my big sister jumped on a plane with her two year old & flew 14 hours to be by my side.

When we make mistakes, when we fail, when we fall & when we bruise it's in those moments you know who really loves you. 

We can't do this life all on our own, no matter how much we think we can. Don't forget to let other people into your life & love, because you deserve somebody to fight for you when you feel like giving up..

fell into a no. 1


well friends.. today i had my first AUSTRALIAN NO. 1!! (fallin') serisouly who woulda thought.. like i always dreamed about it, but never actually thought it could happen. DON'T GIVE UP BB'S, I believe in you :) 

throw back

Ugh I have been missing this so much since being in LA! This is me with one of my little brothers, Aiden on some fire trail in the heart of the Blue Mountains back home. He's only 10 but he's definitely better than me.

Note: I've had these rain boots literally since I was 8 and they still fit lol. 



today was crazy.. i had a private tour of an infamous studio and then went exploring inside a legit plane wreck they use sometimes for film. THEN i snuck into universal studios w/ one of my girls and we spent the next few hours going on rides and pretending to be wizards in HP world. im dying, literally dead, it was amazing. oh and then i jumped on a plane back to the au. BYE FELICA (la)

in the morning...

I'll be making waffles.. and fried chicken... Apparently fried chicken and waffles with maple syrup are a big thing in the US so my friend made me try it. Sounds weird to all my Australian people right? IT WAS WEIRD. But kinda tasty, you should try it if you havent already. You could literally buy KFC chicken with a store bought waffle. DM me if you try it and let me know your thoughts lol.